Chaos Rhinos

Foolishly started messing with the Rhino kits when I should have been painting Orcs. Did finish the Orc Shaman though, bar one bit of patching on his right wrist where there’s about a 3mm gap to his arm. Thinking of just extending his collection of bangles down that arm. Might be tricky to do now he’s fully painted. The new style Rhinos rock! The kits go together ridiculously easily and the interior detailing is lovely. Chaos options are nice too. I’m thinking of turning the interior of the first Rhino into a massive gullet. Make the rear deck a big open mouth with gs details. I’ve cut open side hatch open and will make that an open mouth (so you can see the interior), cut the other away and make that a closed toothy mouth. Fill the interior to rippling veins and canker sores etc. Some tricky blending between red interior and camo green exterior possibly. Must finish my Orc MH warband first though!

Chaos Rhinos

Marnie in Aussie sends me a couple of Chaos Rhinos! Damn these new style Rhinos are great! I suggest a box of Chaos Termies and 7 new Raptors for all my Termies + 2 Librarians. Thinking of Nurgle Rhino with a fair amount of green stuff involved. Nice pus dripping from roof interior and Nurgling Infestation (sorry ‘mutant armor’ in the new Codex). Thinking of trying to sculpt a couple of crucified Nurglings (sad and angry) and rtv/resin casting them. I should be able to do them as a one sided mold with some undercutting. Depends on how many flat areas I can find on the Rhino to ‘nail’ them to. Need to grab a base or two of these guys for scale (and for character infestations). Also thinking of covering the Rhino with blister sores and painting them red/yellow inflamed…like some really nasty rash. Should be easy to do with green stuff.

Woodland Scenics Water Effects

Tried Ben’s Woodland Scenics Water Effects – seems like some kind of treated PVA – certainly dries clear but far too expensive for water effects of any size. I need to find a source of some kind of encapsulating hobby resin that pours well and can be coloured. Considered the potting mix they use at work. Seems like a goer, slow setting low temp would be the way to go. Might have to order some. Also found an old tin of clear polyurethane coating in the garage. Might try that as well, although not sure how it will handle multiple layers or any kind of thickness?

Woodlands Scenics Plastic Water Sucks

Tried Woodland Scenics Plastic beaded water on fountain. It’s crap. Think I might just toss the whole bag away. Sets too quickly, doesn’t dry clear (kind of an unpleasant yellow), pours badly and forms lots of bubbles. Generally a waste of time. I had to cut it out of the fountain and cut out Goblin corpse and other details – intact fortunately – the plastic water is also horribly brittle once set. Disappointing.