Woodland Scenics Water Effects

Tried Ben’s Woodland Scenics Water Effects – seems like some kind of treated PVA – certainly dries clear but far too expensive for water effects of any size. I need to find a source of some kind of encapsulating hobby resin that pours well and can be coloured. Considered the potting mix they use at work. Seems like a goer, slow setting low temp would be the way to go. Might have to order some. Also found an old tin of clear polyurethane coating in the garage. Might try that as well, although not sure how it will handle multiple layers or any kind of thickness?

Woodlands Scenics Plastic Water Sucks

Tried Woodland Scenics Plastic beaded water on fountain. It’s crap. Think I might just toss the whole bag away. Sets too quickly, doesn’t dry clear (kind of an unpleasant yellow), pours badly and forms lots of bubbles. Generally a waste of time. I had to cut it out of the fountain and cut out Goblin corpse and other details – intact fortunately – the plastic water is also horribly brittle once set. Disappointing.