Tabletop-terrain to be taken down Sept 4

Given the current US exchange rate, and the fact that very few folks view this hobby blog (around 2k a month), the cost of running this blog has become prohibitive. It’s costing me around $130NZD a year in hosting at the moment, which while not a lot, is $130NZD I could be spending on this hobby instead, or something more useful like food or power bills.

Unless anybody can suggest a cheaper hosting option than, who I currently use, this site is likely to disappear on Sept the 4th. It’s been a good run considering I’ve had this site since 2002! And met lots of local war-gamers through it.

In place of this website I’ve embraced the dark side of the internet and established a Facebook page, where I’ll continue posting my hobby work, for free (well, plus Facebook gets all my IP):

3 thoughts on “Tabletop-terrain to be taken down Sept 4”

  1. Hey Cod3monk33. Long time no see – Burbsee from pityak studios. Gosh a decade has gone by. Takes me way back to the cd terrain competition. I think you won with your flames of war entry. I’ve just started up flames of war finally… LOL. Hope is all well, sorry to see you may be closing up the site.

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